soc sim fest 2021

SIAM session at the Social Simulation Fest 2023

On Wed 15 March 2023: 11.15 - 12.45 (free registration)

A workshop in which we will focus on the challenge of formalising social theory. Formalising SIA mechanisms in an ABM is far from trivial, as it entails translating verbal (and at times ambiguous) theory into formulas or if-then rules. In our opinion, this challenge is best understood and addressed through direct experience and group work. We want to use this session to jointly engage in the challenge to formalise two crucial SIA mechanisms: a) how and how much a salient (“activated”) social identity influences behaviour; and b) how an agent can identify and select groups (linked to normative contrast and the meta-contrast ratio). This workshop is organised as an activity of the SIG-SIAM (social identity approach modelling) of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), so this is also an opportunity to join the SIG-SIAM network.

The workshop will consist of