soc sim fest 2021

SIAM session at the Social Simulation Fest 2021

On Friday 19 March 2021: 11.15 - 12.45 (free registration)

A workshop in which we want to stimulate the exchange on the use of the social identity approach (SIA) in agent-based models. SIA is a promising approach from the social sciences that describes how people behave while being part of a group, how groups interact and how these interactions and ‘appropriate group behaviours’ can change over time. Enriching social simulation models with SIA can address the need to integrate social context and its influence on agents’ behaviours. We regard the combination of SIA & ABM a powerful combination that can enable pushing the frontiers in the understanding of human (group) behaviour in its social environment.

The workshop will consist of

  1. A short introduction by the chairs, also containing information on the related SIAM network;

  2. Two short (up to 10 minutes) presentations of ABMs including SIA work (in progress) with subsequent discussion. Our speakers are:

  3. Breakout group discussions on topics that come up during the previous discussions

  4. Plenary