Network Coordinators

Geeske Scholz

Osnabrück University

Institute of Geography

Research Center Institute of Environmental Systems Research


Nanda Wijermans

Stockholm University

Stockholm Resilience Centre



Bruce Edmonds

Manchester Metropolitan University

Business School

Centre for Policy Modelling

Anne Templeton

University of Edinburgh

Department of Psychology

Émile J.L. Chappin

Delft University of Technology

Faculty Technology, Policy and Management

Energy and Industry

Immo Fritsche

University of Leipzig

Institute of Psychology

Martin Neumann

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Institute for Sociology

Torsten Masson

University of Leipzig

Institute of Psychology

Rocco Paolillo

Jacobs University Bremen

Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences

Tobias Schröder

University of Applied Sciences of Postdam

Department of Social and Educational Science

Tony Craig

James Hutton Institute

Department of Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences

Geo Kocheril

University of Kassel

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Integrated Energy Systems